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Galtonia viridiflora

Product Description: 1 bulb
Order Code: 23-6
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Broad dark green leaves with waxy, well spaced pale green flowers up a strong stem. August 3ft.

The Galtonia family hail from South Africa and these summer growing (and winter dormant) forms can be considered hardy as long as they get planted quite deeply and they are not waterlogged in winter. Galtonia viridiflora have  waxy foliage, deep green in colour and appear in May. (What are often sold as G. viridiflora are in fact G. princeps with earlier flowers, more congested on the stem, the tips nodding and the foliage often grey-green, I feel that G. priceps is a far poorer plant (though they are fertile one with another)).  The tall flower stem grows from the centre of the leaves (often with a slight lean) which carries up to two dozen hanging waxy pale green bells - they look individually the shape of pixie's hats and are loved by flower arrangers. They flower in August and September doing best on good soil that retains some moisture in the summer. Very effective as vertical accents in the summer borders in much the same way as Alliums are earlier in the year. They do set seed and this can be harvested to sow in seed trays or in light soils they can become self sown colonies. Plant the bulbs about 10" apart in either full sun or part shade. In cold or wet areas one can lift the bulbs out of the ground and store dry and frost free over winter.

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