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Crocus chrysanthus Gypsy Girl

Product Description: 20 corms
Order Code: 78-20
Availability: Currently Available


Golden yellow crocus for speedy naturalising in good sun and poor soil.

This is another crocus for naturalising, flowering a little earlier than average in any garden, with 3 or 4 flowers per corm.  It has large golden yellow flowers with purplish brown feathering on the outside of the petals, and an orange stigma.  The leaves are shorter than some crocus, about 4� (10cm) high. Raised by Mr G H Hageman of Heemstede, Holland. The species C. chrysanthus grows in turf or under scrub in its native Balkans and Turkey, and in Britain it is happiest in a well-drained position in the sun, with poor to moderately fertile soil.  It naturalises and does well in a position where it will not be disturbed or overshadowed during spring. Yellow flowers in February/March.

Planting instructions

Plant 8-10 cm (3-4in) deep in a small tight groups, 2 or 3 bulbs only 1.5� (4cm) apart repeated at larger intervals. Full sun and gritty, well drained soil. Do beware of mice and squirrel attack. 

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