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Allium Collection

Price: £ 18.50
Product Description: 65 bulbs
Common Name: Allium collection
Availability: Currently Available


A great selection of Alliums to provide a range of flower shape and colour in the late spring and early summer. 65 bulbs from 5 varieties.

An ideal starter collection of easy, but different, Alliums. Some to flower in late May, others to flower in the height of summer. Heights, shapes and colours to start off an interest in this fascinating family, or to bulk up your own collection at a discount. Wonderful for insects too!

5 bulbs of Allium nigrum (green and white, 2 ft tall, June flowering), 20 bulbs of Allium uniflorum (pink flowers in May 10" tall), 25 Allium sphaerocephalon (green and burgundy 2ft tall,  July flowering) (illustrated), 10 Allium hollandicum (pale purple, 3 ft tall, flowering in May/June) 5 Allium christophii (purple grapefruit sized heads, 2 ft tall in June).


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